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Please Keep In Touch

This is an online reunion.  It depends on you contributing your information for the "Where are they now page" and keeping in touch here on the Web site.  Also please send us a copy of any photos you might have for our photo album.

Please help locating others that were in the company.   The Internet has made locating people easier, but it is still hard work.  Use the search engines and people finders at Excite and Yahoo etc.  Try them all as they all return different results sometimes.  Write the past Company 169 members you can find and tell them about this Web site.  If those people are not on the Internet, post their information here for them.

It helps to find people if you can remember somebody's hometown, state or high school.  If you have some information like that post it on the message board.  It might help jog the memory of somebody else and they can help find that individual.

Post your information here for the "Where are they now" page so others can find you.  To keep you from receiving unsolicited advertisements or "spam" we operate a blind post office.  We will not post your actual street address or email here on the Web.  Instead, we will forward all email and US Mail to you.  You can decide if you want to answer the contacts or not.

You can send your information to us by email, or fill out the form below.  And you can send your information to me by US mail to: Company 169, C/O Jim Rassbach, POB 513, Port Angeles, WA. 98362.

We do want you in our email list.  The eGroups email list and the chat room will be our main communication.  Email sent to this list will go to all that sign up for it.  Say hello to everybody.  You can sign up for the email list here:

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Join the Online Reunion

Some of this information will be posted on the "Where are they now page." But, we will not post your addresses unless you request us to.  We will forward all the mail we receive to you.

If you were a member of Company 169, please complete this form or send this information by email to us so others can get in touch with you. 

  1. Please provide the following contact information:
    First name
    Last name
    Street address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal code
    Home Phone
  2. We almost all entered the Navy in 1970, but when did you leave the service?

  3. What was your first duty station or school after leaving Boot Camp?

  4. What was your second duty station?

  5. Please tell us more about your additional duty stations and the rest of your time in the Navy.

  6. What was the highest Rate/Rank you obtained in the Navy or your military career?
    (SN/MM3/SKC/LT/Captain etc.)

  7. Tell us something about what you have been doing since you left the Navy?

Please hit the Submit button once, and wait...


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Join us in the Chat Room every Wednesday night at 9 PM Central Time.

1970 Company 169 Alumni please add your name to the  crew list.

Guests! Don't sign our Guest Book.  Leave a message in our Forum instead.

If you have probems or suggestions, please write us at:

This page last updated on: October 08, 2000