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Also in 1970
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may440.jpg (24217 bytes) Kent State Incident
On April 30th, 1970 President Richard Nixon announced on national TV the call-up of additional troops for the war in Vietnam.  This caused rioting on many college campuses throughout the nation.  At Kent State University, students burned the ROTC building.  The Governor of Ohio called out 900 Ohio state National Guardsman to restore order on the campus.  On May 4th, 1970, the Guardsman opened fire on the students killing four and wounding eight.

70cobra40.jpg (37333 bytes) Motor Trend magazine's "Car of the Year" award winner: 1970 Ford Torino

1970 Academy Awards

Best Actor : George C. Scott.
Movie "PATTON".
Best Actress : Glenda Jackson.
Best Picture : "PATTON".
Best Song : "FOR ALL WE KNOW" by: The Carpenters.

Great Films of 1970

Airport, 137 minutes, Director: George Seaton
Five Easy Pieces, 96 minutes, Director: Bob Rafelson
The Honeymoon Killers, 115 minutes, Director: Leonard Kastle
Little Big Man, 147 minutes, Director: Arthur Penn
Love Story, 99 minutes, Director: Arthur Hiller
Lovers and Other Strangers, 104 minutes, Director: Cy Howard
M*A*S*H, 116 minutes, Director: Robert Altman
Patton, 170 minutes, Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, 125 minutes, Director: Billy Wilder
Women in Love, 130 minutes, Director: Ken Russell
Woodstock, 184 minutes, Director: Michael Wadleigh

1970 Pay scales

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