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Where are they now?
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Keep In Touch

Please send in your contact information so that others may get in touch with you and say hello.  You don't have to send in a recent picture, but it is a nice touch.  Send a picture with you and your family also.  Let us know how well you have aged.  We have all gained and grayed.

You can email us your information, or use the form on the "Join the Reunion page."

To prevent the junk mail advertisers from harvesting our addresses, we will not publish your address and street address here unless you request us to.  We will forward all mail sent to individuals posted here instead.  To send mail to a person listed here, just send your email to our address: ; or, send a US Mail letter to: Company 169, Individuals name,  C/O Jim Rassbach, POB 513, Port Angeles, WA 98362 .

Include your street address and telephone numbers in your email as the person you write to may not have email.  We will print out the email messages and send them to those who do not.  They will need your US Mail address or telephone number to reply.

Send in your information to be posted here today.  Somebody wants to talk with you again.

  The 2000 "Crew" List

Name Recent Photo Left the Navy in: Remarks
Mark C.

After Boot Camp Mark attended Machinist-Mate "A" school, Great Lakes, IL. Following that he spent a tour on the USS Puget Sound, AD-38 at Newport RI.  After 9 months aboard the Puget Sound Mark attended Nuclear Power school at Bainbridge, MD.  Deciding to leave the nuclear field, Mark went TAD to Philadelphia and was assigned to the USS Santa Barbara AE-28 stationed in Newport, RI, and the first big cruise for him was straight to Vietnam for nine months. After that, the AE-28 made the GITMO run and then off to the Med. Mark served aboard the Santa Barbara for a little over 3 years and then transferred to the USS Dyess, (DD-880) out of Brooklyn, NY, leaving the Navy after nine months aboard the DD-880 in June, 1975 as a MM 2.

After leaving the Navy, Mark attended college and earned two Associate Degrees in Science.  Mark presently manages his family’s machine shop in Renfrew, PA.  

Email will be forwarded to Mark by writing to: . Or send US Mail to:  Mark Gasparin CO 169, C/O Jim Rassbach, POB 513, Port Angeles, WA 98362



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After RTC attended IC "A" school in San Diego, CA.  Then a short tour on the Wasp CVS-18.  Nuclear Power School at Bainbridge MD and New York, and then the Daniel Webster SSBN 626 Gold crew Pearl Harbor.  Finished my enlistment on the R. S. Edwards DD-950 in 1976.  Presently retired from the FAA where I worked as an air traffic controller and living in Port Angeles, WA. 
Send email to Jim Rassbach at: Or US Mail at:   Jim Rassbach, POB 513, Port Angeles, WA 98362


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